Kesha Faces An Uphill Legal Battle With Dr. Luke, Experts Say

February 26, 2016Article
BuzzFeed News

When a judge in New York denied Kesha’s request to get out of her five-album contract with the producer she accuses of abusing and raping her, outrage from peers and supporters was swift. After all, how could a judge force someone to work with their alleged abuser?

Manhattan Supreme Court Judge Shirley Kornreich’s ruling was a blow to Kesha’s long and involved legal battle to break from Lukasz Gottwald, aka Dr. Luke, and Sony Music just two albums into her contract. In her ruling, the judge cited a lack of even basic evidence to back Kesha’s claims of sexual assault or abuse. She also pointed to Sony’s assurances that Kesha would be allowed to record with other producers and rejected the notion that the pop star wouldn’t be promoted at the label.

“It’s very harmful to her case,” Hochberg said of Kesha’s prior deposition. “It’s not fatal to her case, but it hurts her credibility, which is the most important thing that anybody has when they are going into court. She has a serious problem there and it is pretty brazen of her and her attorneys to have that and to still proceed with this case to take a position that is contrary to a position she took before.”

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