Led Zeppelin Copyright Trial Hinges on Access

July 15, 2016Media Mention
Courthouse News Service

At the root of the “Stairway to Heaven” copyright case is whether Led Zeppelin even had access to the song that supposedly influenced their seminal track. The band’s surviving members say they don’t recall hearing it, while their accuser says they must have. As the second day of a jury trial began Wednesday, plaintiff Michael Skidmore put up witnesses to move the jury into his column, taking a trip down memory lane to revisit the music scene of the 1970s in the process.

William Hochberg, an attorney specializing in music and media law, said that in this case Page and Plant could be “taking a stand.”
“It’s possible that they feel very strongly about the integrity of their songwriting on this, one of their greatest hits,” Hochberg said. “And they don’t think that they have to pay this guy for what they think is a very commonplace progression.”

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