Measure For $10B-Plus Tax Hike May Gain Traction With Stressed Local Governments

April 21, 2020Media Mention

Steve Lurie, a partner of Greenberg Glusker's Real Estate Group, provided meaningful insights to Bisnow regarding the current market's potential effect on a state ballot measure that could negatively impact commercial property owners.


Greenberg Glusker partner Steve Lurie, who specializes in commercial real estate, said California is already the highest taxed state in the country.

Pre-coronavirus, many businesses were avoiding or leaving California due to the high cost of operating in the state, Lurie said, and passing the split-roll measure will only worsen the state's business climate.

Lurie said passing the split roll will have a big ripple effect. He said it is not fair for commercial property owners and small businesses to bear the brunt of paying for the government's shortfall.

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