Midsize Firms Are Solidifying Their Office Reopening Strategies

June 14, 2021Media Mention

Managing Partner Bob Baradaran was quoted's article "Midsize Firms Are Solidifying Their Office Reopening Strategies." In the article, he shares the firm's re-opening plans and calculated approach. While he expects most to return in September, the key component of Bob's methodology is "flexibility" and trusting the judgment of the firm's attorneys in making decisions regarding whether they will be working remotely or in the office.


"Naturally and organically, I expect that most of our attorneys want to work in the office most of the time," Baradaran said. "I do communicate to our group that if you’re a first- or second-year associate, you probably want to be in the office more than others. You lose some of the assimilation into our firm culture."

But he also noted that the firm's flexibility with remote work well predates COVID-19. The message, he said, is: "You have complete flexibility in what you want to do. You are sophisticated, very highly educated hard-charging individuals." That's because the firm trusts its lawyers' judgment about where to do their work, whether they're an equity partner or associate.

"Flexibility is the key word." Baradaran added. "We tend to have fewer rules and policies than other law firms."

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