Mom, What Does $#*! Mean?

June 4, 2010Article
Law Law Land

Who knew that the simple combination of a dollar sign, number symbol, asterisk, and exclamation point would stir up a huge controversy?

CBS recently announced it would air a new comedy series titled “$#*! My Dad Says,” inspired by a popular Twitter feed with a very similar (and decidedly less symbolic) name. In the new series, William Shatner plays a curmudgeon who offers witty, and often politically incorrect, advice to his son. Despite the title’s hint at the s-word, CBS insists that its new show will not be indecent in any way and will adhere to all CBS standards. Parents who do not want their children to see the show can simply block the program using a handy v-chip. Moreover, CBS has assured its skeptics that the promotions for the show will say “Bleep My Dad Says,” the “Bleep” referring to the actual word and not the bleep audio effect. And using the word “bleep” may be cloying, but is surely isn’t indecent, right?

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