Most recent best picture winners would have met new Oscar diversity requirements

September 9, 2020Media Mention
The Washington Post

Greenberg Glusker Entertainment Partner, Sky Moore, was interviewed by The Washington Post about the changes set forth by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences that require promotion of diversity in order for a movie to be nominated for best picture in the article, "Most recent best picture winners would have met new Oscar diversity requirements," published on September 9, 2020.


“The law is very clear on what organizations can do: They can take into account a wealth of circumstances, but those circumstances cannot be a determining factor,” said Sky Moore, a prominent entertainment lawyer and partner at the Los Angeles firm of Greenberg Glusker. “You cannot have quotas, and these appear to be quotas.”

Even bypassing A and B to satisfy C and D would be an issue, he said: “Once you say multiple executives, you’re saying two, and that’s a quota.” He added that lawsuits, while unlikely from a mainstream Hollywood studio or filmmaker, could come from other quarters: “I can see conservative groups lining up and suing immediately. And they’d have a good chance” of winning. Such a lawsuit, he said, could seek damages as a result of a film’s disqualification.

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