‘No Time to Die’ box-office release delayed for coronavirus, but don’t expect other Hollywood films to follow

March 6, 2020Media Mention

The coronavirus outbreak may have pushed “No Time to Die” to trade its April box-office release in favor of a November one, but that doesn’t mean other Hollywood blockbusters are going follow suit.

As the number of countries reporting new cases of COVID-19 grows, so does the fear that the U.S. film industry will take a big hit at the box office. International ticket sales have become key to the overall success of the Hollywood film industry and several countries that are crucial to movie ticket sales have banned or restricted large public gatherings.

On Wednesday, MGM, Universal and “No Time to Die” producers were the first in Hollywood to delay the release of a film because of the coronavirus outbreak, leading people to wonder if more studios would move their release dates.

“All the studios are considering what to do with safety and loss mitigation in mind,” Schuyler Moore, an entertainment attorney at Greenberg Glusker, said in an email to CNBC.