Oscars Institutional Racism Needs to End Today, Not in Four Years

February 28, 2016Article

The Oscars has a problem with race, and just like in a mad-cap Hollywood movie, it also has a plan that's so crazy it just might work. Except this isn't the movies, and the plan isn't good enough.

Just look at the nominees for this year's Oscars -- it's obvious that the Academy, which will give away the film awards for the 88th time this Sunday, has a problem with diversity. Out of the 20 nominees for the four major acting awards (best actor/actress, supporting actor/actress), none are people of color. Last year, that number was also zero, a "white out" said prominent African American film director Spike Lee.

Is it possible that no work worthy of recognition by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences was done by African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, Indian Americans, Native Americans and others? Or, is it more likely that the Oscars is just plain racist?

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