Producer claims he was excluded from Weinstein Company deal because of his race

July 5, 2018Media Mention
Los Angeles Daily Journal

Pierce O’Donnell was quoted by the Daily Journal on July 5, 2018, in an article about the $110 million breach of contract lawsuit filed by Marvin Peart, a television producer and financier, against Lantern Entertainment over claims that he brokered the buyout of the Weinstein Company’s assets but was then cut out of the agreement because he is black.

O’Donnell, who is representing Peart, said in the complaint, “There could be no more vivid illustration of Hollywood’s persistent racism.”

According to the complaint, Peart is seeking $10.5 million that he was denied as part of his written agreement as well as punitive damages for Lantern’s failure to promote him and his involvement in the deal as promised. O’Donnell estimates Peart is owed approximately $110 million.