Protect Trade Secrets with Nondisclosure Agreements

July 8, 2022Media Mention
InfoSecurity Professional

Litigation and Employment Law Partner, Karina Sterman, shared her professional insight on nondisclosure agreements (NDAs) in an article published by InfoSecurity Professional. Having an NDA in place within a business can help protect private information such as business processes, designs, formulas, software code, and vendor and customer lists. Experts suggest having multiple NDAs for specific information is key to guarding such trade secrets


“If you’re using generic terms like ‘all financial information’ or ‘all business-related information’ … that runs the risk of being blunted in its usefulness because it’s not specific enough for purposes of enforceability,” cautioned Karina Sterman, a partner with Greenberg, Glusker in Los Angeles. “Find out why you have the NDA, what it should actually contain and who should actually be signing it. And potentially have different NDAs based on the tiers of information that you’re trying to protect.”