Record companies sue “streaming ripping” service provider

September 27, 2016Media Mention
Los Angeles Daily Journal

Greenberg Glusker music law partner William I. Hochberg was quoted in a September 27, 2016, Daily Journal article, “Record companies sue “streaming ripping” service provider.”

The article addresses the joint lawsuit filed by a group of major record companies against a German company claiming that its service infringes on their sound recordings and profits from the “illicit delivery” of free music.

Hochberg, who is not involved in the case, said the service and subsequent lawsuit hearkens back to previous disputes over music downloading services like Napster or Kazaa.

"I think a point of moving into the streaming world was the hope that people wouldn't be downloading illegally anymore — they'd just use streaming because it's more convenient, and it can be controlled," Hochberg said. "But this kind of ripping goes back to the digital download era, an era we'd hoped to move on from," he added.