Retailer Pure CBD Brings Beneficial Products to the Mainstream

April 19, 2021Media Mention
Los Angeles Business Journal

Cannabis attorney, Michelle Mabugat, provided commentary to the Los Angeles Business Journal regarding the state of the CBD industry. CBD is the non-psychoactive component of tetrahydrocannabinol. It is best known for pain management purposes. Mabugat believes that the CBD industry took off about five years ago. 


“That’s when we saw both cannabis and hemp producers targeting CBD-rich strains to try to fulfill that market demand,” Mabugat said. “Now, you see CBD in our Whole Foods, our Trader Joe’s, our CVS. It’s everywhere.”

“Most CBD products that you see on market today are, frankly, in the eyes of the FDA, illegal,” Mabugat said. “CBD, it’s here to stay, so much so that the FDA has been feeling an enormous amount of pressure to finally come out of the woodwork and carve out a regulatory pathway for CBD products.”

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