Robert Durst's 'Jinxed' Estate

January 12, 2022Media Mention

Probate, Trusts & Estates Litigation Chair, Benny Roshan, shared her legal perspective with regarding the estate of Robert Durst, a convicted murderer and heir to real estate tycoon Seymour Durst's, Robert's father, portfolio of assets.


“When it comes to distribution of a deceased person’s assets, there are no special rules for criminals like Durst. Anyone with a financial claim against Durst has one year from his date of death to come forward and seek payment from his estate."

“We may see claims from the families of Durst’s victims, anyone with whom Durst had business dealings, or even from Durst’s own family members."

“Given the staggering size of Durst’s estate and all of the gruesome harm Durst caused during his lifetime, we may (and should) expect to see some large claims filed in his estate. It will be up to Durst’s personal representative to settle or litigate these claims which may take several years. Once all of the claims are resolved, any residuary funds in Durst’s estate will be distributed in accordance with his expressed wishes.” 

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