Sharing Salaries: How Actresses Are Fighting Hollywood's Gender Pay Disparity With Transparency

January 18, 2018Media Mention
The Hollywood Reporter

Don't ask. Don't tell. That has been the Hollywood modus operandi when it comes to paydays, which are guarded with the secrecy of CIA black ops missions — until now. Thanks to the Time's Up initiative, more actresses are feeling emboldened to share salary information with one another, both in person and on social media.

Previous lack of transparency hurt actresses negotiating film and TV salaries, and one antidote to the widespread occurrence of gender pay disparity appears to be sunshine. Take the example of All the Money in the World stars Mark Wahlberg and Michelle Williams. THR has confirmed that Wahlberg was paid nearly 10 times what Williams made ($5 million vs. $625,000) despite both having roughly the same amount of screen time — and Williams is the one being pushed for an Oscar nomination.

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