Successful Aging: 98 and Going Strong

August 28, 2020Media Mention
UCLA Longevity Center

Founding Partner, Mr. Sidney Machtinger, is a role model for successful aging. Recently, he joined Dr. Gary Small for a conversation on strategies for living better longer. This event was hosted by the UCLA Longevity Center.

Compelling scientific evidence indicates that everyday lifestyle choices have a major impact on how long and how well people live. Many experts, therefore, endorse a formula for successful aging that involves physical exercise, mental stimulation, stress management, social support, and a nutritious diet. Other attributes associated with a healthier and longer life expectancy include resilience (adapting and persevering in the face of hardship), optimism (recognizing both the good and bad in a given situation), and absence of depression. But every person who maintains their mental acuity and lives to their 80s, 90s, and beyond has a unique journey and life trajectory.