Taylor Swift Accused of Stealing ‘Lover’ Book Design From Little-Known Author

August 24, 2022Media Mention
Billboard Pro

Litigation Chair and Partner Aaron Moss was quoted in Billboard discussing a recent copyright lawsuit against Taylor Swift. 


“As far as I can tell, she isn’t claiming that any of the actual content is similar,” said Aaron Moss, a veteran litigator at the firm Greenberg Glusker who writes about copyright lawsuits at his website Copyright Lately.

“The idea of memorializing a series of recollections over a number of years by interspersing ‘written and pictorial components’ isn’t protectable,” Moss said. “If it were, this person might as well sue anyone who’s ever written a diary or made a scrap book.”

“This lawsuit should be thrown out on a motion to dismiss, if the plaintiff’s lawyer doesn’t think better of it and voluntarily withdraw the complaint first,” Moss said.