The Biz, 5th Edition | The Basic Business Legal and Financial Aspects of the Film Industry

May 31, 2018Article

Today's film industry is a legal and financial obstacle course that independent filmmakers must learn to master.

The most comprehensive guide to negotiating that obstacle course is The Biz, a highly accessible overview of the industry s important business, legal, and financial aspects. Filled with industry-savvy advice, it clearly explains raising financing business structuring securities laws budgeting essentials dealing with the guilds loans completion guarantees distribution deals video on demand virtual reality calculating net profits film-industry accounting practices and contingent payments copyright, publicity, and trademark laws screen credits and talent demands litigation problems bankruptcy taxation of film companies film-industry business jargon ...and much more, including many useful sample forms and agreements.

The 5th Edition adds much new material, including the most current information on video on demand and virtual reality, the thoroughly updates all chapters of the book.