The legal do’s and don’ts of returning to work

May 7, 2020Media Mention
Human Resource Executive

Human Resource Executive reached out to Greenberg Glusker partner, Karina B. Sterman, for some "return-to-work" guidance for employers in its article "The legal do’s and don’ts of returning to work."


However, be careful about using COVID-19 as an excuse to let people go, which can result in employee discrimination or retaliation claims.

“Usually, [employers] say [those workers] have been dead weight for the last five years but haven’t done anything about them and figure this is a good time to get rid of them,” Sterman says. “My question is, why didn’t that person get fired four months ago, before COVID-19? If you can’t articulate the reasons about what’s different now … you’re setting yourself up for a wrongful-termination suit.”

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