The MoviePass effect: is the cinema subscription model here to stay?

March 31, 2019Media Mention
Screen Daily

This time last year MoviePass was going into a tailspin as its too-good-to-be-true “unlimited” plan unravelled. After a wild 20-month ride, the rebooted theatrical subscription service is fighting back but remains the tarnished poster child of a relatively young US sector that many regard as a growth area.

It remains to be seen how customers respond to this latest overture from MoviePass. “They don’t control the theatres,” says Schuyler Moore, an entertainment attorney at Greenberg Glusker. ”It’s one thing for the theatres to do it and another for what MoviePass is doing, which was running a loss. It fundamentally doesn’t make sense. I note with interest the theatres doing that, and that I get. The interesting thing there is how do you allocate [revenues?]”