The Ugly State of Kesha and Dr. Luke’s Never-Ending Legal Battle

August 31, 2018Article

Nearly four years after Kesha went public with allegations of sexual assault and physical abuse by Dr. Luke, the duo’s legal quagmire has ensnared enough pop stars to comprise a judges panel on a TV singing competition.

Last August, she finally released her first album in five years, Rainbow, and although it arrived via Dr. Luke’s Kemosabe Records imprint with Sony, songs like “Praying” were instant anthems for an American public wracked with ongoing revelations of sexual violence against women. But legal experts say that who will prevail in court remains far from certain. “The case is going poorly for Kesha, and I predict it will get worse for her,” says music lawyer Bill Hochberg.

After successfully defending himself in the courtroom, Dr. Luke’s latest legal maneuvering looks like an attempt to rehabilitate his image with the public as well. “What I see from this latest round of press is that Dr. Luke and his counsel are really looking for a turning point in the war,” says entertainment litigator Dan Stone.