Time to Grow

May 1, 2023Media Mention
Los Angeles Business Journal

Bob Baradaran, Managing Partner, recently spoke with Los Angeles Business Journal regarding the methodology behind Greenberg Glusker LLP's unique approach to hiring attorneys compared to other law firms in Los Angeles.


“We were anticipating that there was going to be softness in the market. I think going forward, who knows what’s going to happen in the economy, but we don’t anticipate we’re going to fall off a cliff in terms of work,” said Bob Baradaran, the Greenberg Glusker managing partner. “It remains quite busy for us, and in fact I think the second half of the year is going to pick up.”

Baradaran thinks now is the time to grow, and he said he wants to add roughly 25 new lawyers.

“We’re actively hiring right now and have been in part because we didn’t go on a binge hiring in the last few years, even though we were super busy,” he said. “We continue to be busy, so we’re hiring in almost all categories, in every practice area.”

One reason for this is that a hiring binge is basically the opposite of what Greenberg Glusker does, Baradaran said.

“Everybody was busy at that time. It was challenging finding first-rate, quality talent, so I think almost all the law firms were in the market to hire and we did not want to compromise our hiring standards just to get bodies in the door. As a result, it was supply and demand. I would have liked to hire a few more, but it was difficult to do so without compromising our standards,” Baradaran explained.