What I’m Hearing: A Ticking Time Bomb, and Nervous Netflix

April 14, 2022Media Mention

Aaron Moss, Greenberg Glusker’s Litigation Chair & Partner, shared his commentary with Puck regarding the value of IP and its influence on the film industry. The article discusses how copyright law allows creatives more control over property rights when dealing with studios. Specifically, termination laws are being leveraged to regain authority over creative content. However, U.S. copyright legislation only applies in the U.S. which essentially grants studios free reign outside of the country.


“As a practical matter, the most valuable franchises for termination purposes also happen to be the ones with a big international following,” Aaron Moss, a copyright litigator at Greenberg Glusker and the proprietor of the Copyright Lately blog, told me today. “So reaching a new deal with the original owner isn’t just the path of least resistance; it usually makes the most financial sense too.”