What's Next for the Canceled Golden Globes and Can the HFPA Recover?

May 11, 2021Media Mention

Entertainment Partner, Sky Moore, was quoted in TheWrap's article "What's Next for the Canceled Golden Globes and Can the HPFA Recover?" regarding NBC canceling the 2022 awards telecast of the Golden Globes. 


"Because of the fixed price and term of the deal, NBC will most likely be able to call the shots," Schuyler Moore, partner at Greenberg Glusker, said. "If that's the case, they wouldn't be able to show it elsewhere. If NBC says there is no show, then that's the likely outcome. I don't think anyone will touch this with a 10-foot pole until they get their act together."

"NBC would still owe the HFPA and DCP contractually agreed upon $60 million, unless NBC would make an argument of Force Majeure of what's called a Frustration of Purpose, both of which are very hard to argue unless the fundamental facts of the agreement have changed. If there is a fixed price, NBC would have to pay - and on a show that has been losing money in recent years given the collapse of awards-show viewership and ad dollars."

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Sky also provided his thoughts on this story to Yahoo Finance. Read the full article here.