Why Hogan vs. Gawker Shows Journalism At Its Worst

March 14, 2016Article
The Daily Beast

The journalism business as a whole is already under terrible and, in some instances, terminal stresses from the financial and practical imperatives of the Internet, to say nothing of the popular culture’s ever-escalating amplification of the tawdry and the trivial.

Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump, in many ways a beneficiary of these trends as a Hulk Hogan-like reality-television star, regularly refers to the news media as “liars” and “scum” at his rowdy, increasingly violent campaign rallies that resemble WWE spectacles.

Alas, the Gawker trial is presenting a damaging and reinforcing narrative (maybe journalists are scum if not precisely liars), just when the reporting trade was a getting a huge lift from the Oscar-winning movie Spotlight, which dramatizes the real-life story of the Boston Globe investigative reporters who exposed the Catholic Church’s cover-up of an epidemic of priestly pedophilia.

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