Why Label Requirements for Cannabis-Infused Edibles are Notoriously Difficult to Navigate

May 15, 2022Media Mention
Food & Quality Safety

Cannabis attorney Michelle Mabugat shared her insight with Food & Quality Safety regarding label requirements for THC-infused edibles. Cannabis production companies are having trouble navigating through label requirements because U.S. regulations vary from state to state. Some companies also require full-time compliance experts to keep up with the ever changing regulations. 


Mabugat notes that governments who have legalized the products have listened to stakeholders, including those vehemently opposed to cannabis. As a result, she says, “In order to make the public at large give broad support, the regulators and politicians almost have to overregulate. It’s to the point that we might as well be dealing with uranium at the level of regulation cannabis receives in the U.S., to placate those concerns and help unwind all the stigma about perceived dangers of this plant.”