Will Tay-K Be Allowed To Profit From "The Race?

August 2, 2019Media Mention
Genius News

Genius spoke to music attorney Bill Hochberg.

In late June, rapper Tay-K (real name Taymor McIntyre) was sentenced to 55 years in prison for murder and robbery charges referenced on his viral hit, “The Race.” Now, a civil trial will determine whether he can keep any money made from the song, or if the profits will be given to his victims. Genius spoke to music attorney Bill Hochberg, who weighed in with his opinion about whether Tay-K will be allowed to keep royalties from “The Race.”

According to The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reporter Deanna Boyd, the rapper also received 30 years for one of his aggravated robbery convictions and 13 years on the others. The sentences will be served concurrently since he was a minor when the crimes were committed. He will also face a total of $21,000 in fines.