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What The Warner Bros.-Discovery Merger Means For Streaming As A Whole

August 18, 2022Media Mention

Entertainment Partner Sky Moore was quoted in Newsy discussing what the Warner-Bros.-Discovery merger means for streaming overall. 


"You will see more merger activity, where streamers are trying to pick up existing libraries so that the consumer knows when they log on to a particular site, that they have the most choices available," said Sky Moore, lawyer and partner at Greenberg Glusker.

"The company wants a clean slate when it goes forward," Moore said. "They just simply wanted to deduct it prior to going forward so that it didn't show up as a loss on the books of Discovery."

"Disney buys Fox," Moore said. "Netflix already has a massive library. Amazon buys MGM. You can guess Apple is going to buy somebody. It's all being driven by the need to consolidate the most content."