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Welcome to Table Talk!

Over the last year, we have all spent more time at home than we planned. One of the highlights of the time at home has been the conversations that happen around gatherings in the kitchen. Our monthly series, Table Talk, brings these conversations to you in your home or office on a variety of estate planning topics. 
Sit down with us at our virtual table during our scheduled monthly talks, which can be found here, or gather a small group of guests and contact us to schedule a private Table Talk on one of the below topics.

  • Alphabet Soup: Just the Right Mix of GRATs, QPRTs, CLATs (and All Those Other Acronym Trusts)
  • From Low Simmer to Rapid Boil — Anticipating and Managing Beneficiary Challenges
  • Taking Stock and Making Gravy – Planning with S Corp Stock (And Other Closely Held Entities)
  • The Secret’s in the Trust: Using Privacy Trusts and Other Structures to Protect Beneficiaries
  • Adding Some Spice – How International Ties Flavor Your Planning
  • Sugar and Spice, Maybe a Little Too Nice – Gifts to Caregivers, Unexpected Companions and Other Issues of Undue Influence
  • Making Lemonade from Lemons: Planning Mistakes and the Opportunities that Can Arise from Them
  • Stirring the Gift Pot – Why Gifting Equally Is Not Always Fair, and Gifting Fairly Is Not Always Equal
  • A Good Vintage Goes a Long Way – Opening Up a Trust with Decanting
  • A Must Have Ingredient in Every Kitchen– Understanding and Using Grantor Trusts
  • Making the Cake and Eating It Too - When Tasting the Benefits of Your Own Planning Ruins the Dish
  • Don’t Spoil Their Appetite- How to Give Thoughtfully to Your Kids
  • From Plastic Fork to Silver Spoon - Understanding the Tax Benefits of Planning Early
  • 2 Cups + 2 Tbsp, Divided - Planning After Divorce or a New Marriage
  • If You Can't Stand the Heat... Tax Planning in an Election Year

We look forward to welcoming you at our table.