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Valentine’s Day Reminder – California Employer Edition

Yes, this is a reminder that Valentine’s Day is coming up.  In addition to making dinner reservations and buying loved ones flowers, California employers have the added responsibility of complying with the newly enacted Business & Professions Code Section 16600.1 which says, among other things: For current employees, and for...

Protected Paid Sick Leave Increases to Five Days Per Year Under California State Law

With the stated purpose of encouraging sick employees to stay home to stop the spread of COVID and other contagious diseases in the workplace, California Governor Newsom signed SB 616, expanding the state’s Healthy Workplaces, Healthy Families Act of 2016 to increase the guaranteed number of paid sick days...

California Employers Prohibited from Discriminating Against Applicants and Employees for Off-Duty Cannabis Use

Governor Newsom signed AB 2188, which amends the state’s Fair Employment and Housing Act (“FEHA”) to prohibit discrimination based on off-the-job cannabis use. AB 2188 prohibits most employers from discriminating against a person in hiring, termination, or setting conditions of employment if the discrimination is based on either: Cannabis...

Employers Feel the Heat from Summer Legal Updates — Minimum Wage Increases, Arbitration Enforcement, and New COVID Safety Definitions

Local Minimum Wage Increases Go Into Effect on July 1, 2022 On July 1, 2022, a number of local governments throughout California will raise their minimum wage. In the City of Los Angeles, the new rate is $16.04/hour ($18.17/hour for hotel employees at hotels with 150 or more guest...

Reminder: CalSavers Compliance Deadline on June 30, 2022 for Employers with 5-50 Employees

The deadline for California employers with between 5-50 employees to either register for, or opt out of, the  CalSavers Retirement Savings Program  is quickly approaching. As we explained in a previous  blog post , CalSavers is a new, automatic enrollment payroll deduction IRA program, designed to expand access to...

Employers’ Struggles with Religious & Disability Accommodations from COVID-related Policies

The science, guidance, and regulations related to workplace safety policies for the COVID-19 pandemic are constantly changing (goodbye federal vaccine mandate!). As employers struggle to keep up, they are confronted with the decision of what safety policies to adopt, including, for many, whether to require their employees be vaccinated against...

E.L.F. on a Digital Shelf: Employment Law Facts, A Summary of California’s New 2022 Employment Laws

In preparation for 2022, California employers have an abundance of new laws with which to comply. Below are the highlights curated by our Employment Law Group.  SB 331: The “ Silenced No More ” Bill, Prohibits Confidentiality of Alleged Unlawful Acts in NDAs and Settlement Agreements SB 331, which takes...

Accidental Joint-Employment Relationships: Getting More Than You Bargained For

Whatever your business—design, production, talent management—you likely focus on your actual core strengths and subcontract labor through outside vendors for work like security, janitorial maintenance, website design. While one of the key advantages of such outside vendors is keeping your own employment workforce lean and manageable, an unfortunate and...