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Will Privacy Kill the Digital Star? Analyzing Data Protection Regulations

May 23, 2019Article
2019 IAEL Book _ Chapter 3.1

In recent years, data has produced radical changes in the music industry for performers, record labels, festivals, sponsors, managers and producers. Musicians and managers want fan data to sell more tickets, determine which cities to include on their tours, choose songs to promote in different regions, and generally to find out what is working for them and what isn’t. Record labels want to know in what corners of the world their artists are connecting with fans, so they can institute better digital promotional campaigns and build on regional successes to expand into neighboring territories.

They also use data to consider the potential of new acts or an artist to appeal to key demographics. Music publishers may employ data about populations and popularity of songs in particular territories to better pitch synchs for ads and programming in those regions. The data generated by streaming services, like Spotify, are also used by many sectors of the industry to provide analytics for music acts and labels to analyze fans for particular songs and acts.