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The Greening of Greenberg Glusker’s New Offices

The California Climate Action Registry recently recognized Greenberg Glusker for the firm’s extensive commitment to climate change and sustainability. That commitment was on display in the office remodel making it a true green office.

The key elements included recycling and reusing materials from the old design and incorporating them into the remodel of the firm’s new interior spaces. From the metal screws to wood panels to light fixtures, nearly 95 percent of the materials were recycled and reused.

“The Greenberg Glusker offices are a prime example of being creative, innovative and green at the same time without compromising schedule, cost or design,” according to Mohammed Aref, Aref & Associates Design Studio in El Segundo, the firm that worked with many of the partners on the design.

Bamboo, one of the approved sustainable materials in green design, was used throughout the new offices. The carpeting was made from recycled materials and the modular furniture, including secretarial work stations are based on recycled contents. Some of the fabrics used for the furniture and wall covering are ‘Eco’ or products that are sustainable. Instead of purchasing new furniture and doors, in some cases they were refinished for reuse.

Energy conservation was considered in the redesign, so most of the lighting fixtures were reused and motion sensors we installed in all of the office spaces so that when they are no occupied, the lights are not in use. And, all appliances in the kitchens and attorney lounges are 5 Star rated for energy efficiency.

Shower facilities were built for people who bike and walk to work.

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