William M. Walker

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Business Experience

  • Won an arbitration for a large international pharmaceuticals corporation against another large pharmaceuticals corporation involving claims of breaches of a licensing agreement for an important drug. A substantial eight figure verdict resulted and the damages were paid in full, with interest.
  • Won California Superior Court trial on behalf of Taiwanese-American family against Taiwan industrialist and his family to quiet title to a large golf course, and assisted in related litigation in Taiwan.
  • Won dismissal of breach of contract lawsuit in California Superior Court against Chinese manufacturer of aluminum foil, and then won appeal.
  • Won a $20 million U.S. District Court lawsuit against the Bakrie Group of companies from Indonesia alleging breaches of contracts to establish joint ventures in China, achieving prompt dismissal by motions, with prejudice, of the lawsuit.
  • Successfully prosecuted and defended lawsuits in California and Hawaii trial and appellate courts for the International Commercial Bank of China, now Mega International Commercial Bank, involving breaches of loan agreements, resulting in a substantial eight figure judgment in favor of the client.
  • Successfully directed efforts against motion picture pirates in Taiwan both civilly and criminally on behalf of StudioCanal, and in doing so assisted in litigation before all levels of Taiwan’s courts, including the Taiwan Supreme Court.
  • Won a lawsuit against Teledyne Industries, Inc. in California trial and appellate courts alleging breach of contract, attaining summary judgment on all causes of action and successfully defending the summary judgment on appeal.
  • Successfully defended a major German social networking website against a U.S. federal court lawsuit alleging copying of plaintiff’s "look & feel", and assisted in related litigation in Stuttgart and Cologne, Germany, where a judgment was entered in the client’s favor and against the plaintiff after a hearing on the merits.
  • Successfully defended a German manufacturer against a sizable lawsuit brought by a U.S. technology company seeking nine figures in damages for alleged misuse of trade secrets, and assisted in related litigation in Aachen, Germany, where a judgment was entered in the client’s favor against the U.S. technology company after a hearing on the merits.
  • Successfully coordinated and assisted the defense of breach of contract litigation in Frankfurt, Germany against a large U.S. semiconductor manufacturer, which resulted in the dismissal of the case against the U.S. manufacturer.
  • Successfully coordinated and assisted the defense of a sizeable breach of contract case in Bonn, Germany brought by a German satellite services company against the largest provider of Internet services in Iraq, which resulted in the dismissal by the court in Bonn of the case against the client.
  • Successfully pursued breach of contract and tort lawsuits on behalf of a large French entertainment company against a large domestic motion picture distributor for irregularities in royalty payments, resulting in an eight figure recovery and favorably re-negotiated business deals for the client.
  • Successfully defended a $20 million lawsuit brought by a celebrity against a French entertainment company alleging misuse of the celebrity's image, breach of contract and violation of the celebrity's privacy rights.
  • Successfully arbitrated a breach of contract case for a European motion picture distributor against a Southern California motion picture production company for rescission of distribution contracts and for damages.
  • Successfully pursued a copyright infringement lawsuit for StudioCanal against a large international entertainment company over the unauthorized use of the name of the client’s motion picture for the defendant’s television show.
  • Successfully defended StudioCanal against a lawsuit alleging that it had stolen the plaintiff's script and used it to make a hit movie based on the script.