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Richstone Family Center's Endless Summer Beach Party

August 25, 2018 at 5:30pm9:00pm (PDT)
King Harbor Marina Beach

Redondo Beach

In celebration of its 45-year history of helping vulnerable children and families in need throughout the Greater South Bay, the Richstone Family Center will host its 5th Annual Endless Summer Beach Party on the Beach at King Harbor Marina on August 25, 2018. This special celebration honors the Richstone Family Center, our families, and the many volunteers and donors who have worked tirelessly over the years to make our child abuse treatment and prevention programs possible.

As in prior years, guests enjoy a sampling of delectable food, wine, and beer from local purveyors on this private beach. The evening celebrates the more than four decades of work Richstone has accomplished to treat and prevent child abuse and trauma; strengthen and educate families; and decrease violence in families, schools, and communities. Proceeds raised will support the myriad of services Richstone provides to thousands of abused and at-risk children and families in need each year. This includes a new slate of health and wellness programs that transition families out of crisis, through the healing process, and ultimately build their long-term resiliency. Richstone remains committed to protecting young people by building stable and healthy families, and believes that as a united, educated, and supported community, we can better prevent the abuse, trauma, and neglect of our children.