Amid the rising chorus of concern over climate change, California has taken a leading role in adopting legislation and regulations to address greenhouse gases, such as AB 32. 

Local governments have aggressively addressed sustainability issues, including requirements for energy efficiency and green development.  Even statutes and long-standing common law doctrines that pre-existed the climate change debate have been enlisted to address climate change issues.

In 2009, with a new administration and legislative session, we can anticipate that the federal government will take a far more active role in addressing climate change issues.

The combination of regulatory mandates and market incentives - current and anticipated - present a host of complex issues.  These issues extend well beyond traditional notions of environmental law and require expertise in a number of different areas.

Greenberg Glusker clients look to our interdisciplinary team of lawyers and their expertise in regulatory matters, air quality, real estate, corporate, land use, tax, insurance and litigation. We help counsel and advocate on the manifold challenges, and tremendous opportunities, arising from rapidly changing government and market responses to climate change concerns.

Areas of our client representation and advocacy include developing regulations and legislation, renewable energy projects and technology, sustainability and green building issues such as local regulations.  Additionally, our attorneys counsel on carbon offsets and their potential marketability in a carbon cap and trade system, environmental impacts from greenhouse gas emissions in proposed new developments, and litigation risks.