Employment law counseling, transactions, document drafting, litigation, and arbitration for successful businesses and high net worth individuals.

In today’s work environment, prevention is always less costly than the cure (especially when the “cure” is litigation and/or settlement). That is why Greenberg Glusker’s Employment Law attorneys are committed to anticipating and preventing employment-related problems before they arise.

Increasingly complex laws and regulations, which often differ based on the employer’s size, make it a challenge for employers of all sizes and industries to stay apprised of their responsibilities and employees’ rights.

We work proactively to provide California employers with information, advice, and training that minimizes their exposure to costly litigation and administration claims. California is a highly-regulated state and employers must not only comply with all federal and state employment laws but also with city ordinances (such as local laws governing sick leave and minimum wage), which can vary significantly within a single county. 

We ensure that our clients understand their responsibilities within such a complicated and changing matrix of laws, ordinances, and court decisions.

Litigation Avoidance

Our Employment Law attorneys bring decades of experience in assisting employers in structuring effective human resource processes, documents, and transactions. They act on the front line of support for critical areas such as wage and hour compliance, benefits, discipline and termination, discrimination, retaliation, and covenants not to compete.

In concert with clients, our attorneys prepare customized personnel documents such as employee handbooks and policies, employment applications, confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements, invention (intellectual property ownership) agreements, arbitration agreements, executive contracts, commission and sales agreements, independent contractor agreements, and severance and release agreements. We also provide in-house management training on topics including preventing sexual harassment and minimizing all types of employment liability.

A hallmark of the Employment Law practice is our deep understanding of our clients’ desire to manage their workforce without compromising efficient operations or productivity, or negatively impacting company culture and employee morale. Our attorneys work alongside employers to help them achieve the most beneficial balance, while also protecting their proprietary interests and confidential information.

Scope and Depth

Our transactional employment specialists also step in when businesses encounter employment related issues that go beyond everyday human resource management, such as those that arise during mergers, reductions in force, and acquisitions. For example, working with the firm’s corporate attorneys on transactions, such as asset purchase agreements and due diligence, they look at employment-related representations of warranties and attend to other employment-related issues that need to be addressed.

Another unique area of employment law is representing high-profile and high net worth individuals in their personal employment relations with their domestic employees. Possessing an in-depth background on complex domestic wage and hour laws and confidentiality protections, our attorneys that practice in this specialty provide the needed guidance that is of paramount importance for compliance and successful relationships.

Employment Law Litigation and Arbitration

When employment disputes are unavoidable, our employment law litigators focus on each employer’s unique goals, which will vary, and set strategy on how to achieve them.

Our employment law litigators have represented clients in landmark employment lawsuits in federal and state court as well as in private arbitration and are well-equipped to represent employers across a full range of employment claims. At any given time, we are protecting our clients’ rights and asserting their defenses in cases making a panoply of claims, from breach of contract, wage and hour (including class actions and Private Attorney General Act matters), wrongful termination and retaliation to trade secret misappropriation, defamation, and all protected forms of discrimination, and from invasion of privacy, negligent hiring and retention, and public policy violations to unfair competition, commission disputes, and whistleblower disputes. 

Litigation can be a costly and daunting option. However, when a client needs to defend itself in court or right a wrong that has been committed against it, we are well equipped to litigate strategically, whether that requires litigating aggressively or settling a matter at the most opportune time.