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February 20, 2023Article Rising Transfer Taxes
Angus Beverly, real estate associate, published the article "Rising Transfer Taxes" to  Best Lawyers.  He...
Best Lawyers
October 17, 2022Article F Reorganizations: The Good, the Bad, and the Wasteful
Corporate & Tax attorneys Zachary M. Nolan, Michael Wiener, and Warren "Skip" Kessler published "F Reorganizations...
Tax Notes Federal
October 11, 2022Article Platform immunity in the crosshairs
Litigation partner Doug Mirell authored an article in the  Daily Journal  on October 11, 2022...
Daily Journal
April 22, 2022Article Poking Holes in CDA Section 230 Immunity
The Daily Journal published an article authored by litigation partner Doug Mirell entitled “Poking Holes...
Daily Journal
December 22, 2021Article Law In The Metaverse
The metaverse is the future; it involves wearing a headset that transports you to anywhere...
November 10, 2021Article Environmental Insurance: Paper Worth Millions
Environmental Counsel, Sedina Banks, authored "Environmental Insurance: Paper Worth Millions" in the November 2021 issue...
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