How SAG-AFTRA’s AI Road Map Works In Practice

April 10, 2024Article
The Hollywood Reporter

Dan Stone, entertainment litigation partner, authored, "How SAG-AFTRA’s AI Road Map Works In Practice" in The Hollywood Reporter.


Last year will likely go down as the moment that artificial intelligence came of age. In November 2022, OpenAI released the first iteration of its chatbot, ChatGPT. The world spent 2023 amazed by the potential of ChatGPT and grappling with its consequences.

But, in the entertainment industry, the introduction of ChatGPT upended the 2023 collective bargaining negotiations between the major motion picture companies and the unions representing writers, directors and actors. At the beginning of 2023, AI was at best a peripheral bargaining topic, far behind compensation and residuals for high budget streaming productions. By the end of 2023, some union members viewed AI as the beginning of the end, a doomsday scenario along the lines of judgment day in The Terminator franchise.

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