Corporate Partner, Andrew Apfelberg, Featured in Beauty, Fashion & Consumer Goods Roundtable

September 18, 2023Article
Los Angeles Times B2B Publishing

Corporate Partner and Co-Chair of the Branded Consumer Products Group, Andrew Apfelberg, shared his expertise on latest developments and trends in the business of beauty, fashion, and consumer goods with Los Angeles Times in their Beauty, Fashion & Consumer Goods Roundtable. Below are excerpts from the L.A. Times B2B Publishing feature:

Q: What are the pros and cons of being based in Los Angeles or Southern California in 2023?

Let me start out by saying that the pros outweigh the cons. Some of the negatives include higher costs for employees and real estate as well as increased health and safety regulations as compared to companies located elsewhere. Being in a big city, there is also more competition, especially when first starting out and trying to find distribution and retail opportunities. Some of the positives, though, are the more open and accepting attitudes, willingness to try new things, and diverse tastes to accompany diverse backgrounds and lifestyles. Los Angeles attracts creative people who are willing to take risks. There is also the “Hollywood” factor that can be a huge opportunity to build brand awareness and loyalty.

*This roundtable was originally published in the Los Angeles Times and can be accessed here.