Hollywood’s AI Concerns About “Digital Replicas” Are Now Being Debated by Congress

October 26, 2023Article
The Hollywood Reporter

Litigation partner Doug Mirell authored an article, entitled "Hollywood’s AI Concerns About 'Digital Replicas' Are Now Being Debated by Congress," published by The Hollywood Reporter.


Even as the issue of protecting performers from the misuse of artificial intelligence continues to vex the labor negotiations between SAG-AFTRA and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, a second front has just opened.

On Oct. 12, four U.S. Senators presented a bipartisan “discussion draft” of legislation intended to protect actors, singers and others from having AI programs generate their likenesses and voices without their informed written consent. The “Nurture Originals, Foster Art and Keep Entertainment Safe” (NO FAKES) Act would allow people, companies and platforms to be sued for producing or hosting so-called “digital replicas.”

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