The Warhol Decision: Practical and Legal Effects of SCOTUS' Recasting of the Fair Use Defense

October 5, 2023 at 2:15pm3:15pm (PDT)
Four Seasons Hotel, Las Vegas

Litigation Partner, Aaron Moss, will speak at the prestigious Forum on Entertainment and Sports Industries 45th Annual Conference, taking place October 5-7, 2023, in Las Vegas, NV. 

As part of the plenary session, Aaron will be a panelist to discuss the SCOTUS decision in Andy Warhol Foundation For The Visual Arts, Inc. v. Goldsmith and the practical applications it might have to the practice of entertainment law and the art of creation.

Session Description: The decision heralds a sea change in the law surrounding what constitutes a fair use under the Copyright Act? Reactions from the art community express fear that this will chill creative expression, a view shared by the surprisingly blunt dissenting opinion of Justice Kagan. What effects do we believe this decision will have on legal advice we give to our clients as to the meets and bounds of fair use? What will be the effect of this landmark ruling on creative participants in the entertainment industries in which we practice including the music, visual art, film/TV, literature and gaming industries? Has the sky fallen? Or has it just changed its color?

About the Conference: The 45th Annual Conference offers three days of in-person sessions. This year’s conference will present sessions on a wide spectrum of entertainment and sports topics. Join leading entertainment and sports attorneys from around the country to enhance your legal knowledge, reconnect with colleagues and expand your professional network.