'The Cure Really Has Become the Disease:' Why Lawyers Love Anti-SLAPP Defenses

December 16, 2022Media Mention

Greenberg Glusker litigation partner, Ricardo Cestero, spoke with about the current use of anti-SLAPP defenses and shares his insights in the article, "'The Cure Really Has Become the Disease:' Why Lawyers Love Anti-SLAPP Defenses," published on December 15, 2022.


“Over the last several years, the courts have sort of narrowed the instances in which the anti-SLAPP statute will apply by better defining what constitutes a matter that is in the public interest,” Cestero said. “Now a private commercial transaction, even if it’s between or among well known people or large businesses, is typically not going to be considered a matter of public interest. 20 years ago, it would have been, but today it’s really not.”

“It’s usually worth your while to make an anti-SLAPP motion,” Cestero said. “If there’s any potential, reasonable argument that the statute applies, you’re going to want to file that motion and you’re going to want to use it for your tactical advantage.”

Ricardo Cestero has particular expertise in First Amendment issues, such as defamation and restraint of speech, as well as extensive experience handling motion picture and television production and distribution disputes and profit participation cases.