‘A Culture that Gives You Your Evenings and Weekends’: Why Some Associates Are Jumping to Midsize Firms

January 25, 2022Media Mention
The Recorder

Attorneys Aaron Gafni and Kristin Haule shared their insight with The Recorder regarding smaller firms being able to attract Big Law talent due to an attractive work environment. In the past three months, Greenberg Glusker has hired three lateral attorneys from Am Law 100 firms. 

Aaron's Excerpts: 

“First and foremost, lifestyle is important,” Gafni said. “We have a different vibe, compared to some of the bigger firms in terms of sheer hours and expectations. We’ve historically treated associates with a lot of respect for them and for their time.”

“We tell our associates who are working longer hours that it isn’t normal. It isn’t expected,” he said.

“When I was coming up, the rest of the firm was focused on serving clients of our storied name partners. There’s definitely been a shift to pushing marketing and encouraging associates to develop their own practices,” Gafni said.

Kristin's Excerpts:

"I realized I wanted to expand my practice areas, and I also wanted a better work-life balance," said Kristin Haule.

“Since starting at Greenberg Glusker, I have been exposed to a variety of interesting and significant litigation matters, starting almost immediately, which is allowing me to strategically expand my practice, without sacrificing important family time,” she said.

Haule says, “Greenberg has a culture that gives you your evenings and weekends. It contrasts sharply to the always-on culture of some larger firms, and that is tremendously helpful for unplugging and taking time to recharge.”

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