A New Year’s Nightmare: COVID-19 Litigation Piling Up

January 11, 2021Media Mention
The Hollywood Reporter

Jonathan Sokol, a litigation partner, provided commentary to The Hollywood Reporter regarding lawsuits that have been filed against insurance firms over pandemic claims. When it comes to financial fallout from business interruptions and the resulting landscape of lawsuits against insurance companies are denying claims, there truly has never been a fight of this scale. Hollywood’s largest companies are taking a “wait and see” approach on who prevails in court.


"A few major entertainment players, like United Talent Agency and Major League Baseball, have waded into the fight and sued their insurers. But despite widespread production impacts, shuttered theaters and billions in financial losses, most of Hollywood’s largest companies are sitting on the sidelines for now, notes Greenberg Glusker partner Jonathan Sokol."

"Experts advise staying aware of time limits for filing claims and suing, but for businesses that aren’t facing extinction, waiting to see how courts respond to the novel questions seems like a smart move. “You’re dealing with something that no one outside of a horror movie imagined, and you’re using insurance forms that were developed 40 years ago,” says Sokol. “That’s what we’re dealing with.”

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