Brave New World

January 11, 2023Media Mention
Super Lawyers

Sky Moore, corporate and entertainment partner, was interviewed by Erik Lundegaard at Super Lawyers to discuss the state of the film financing, as well as his prediction for what streaming will be replaced by in the future.


"A studio is either going to have their own streaming platform where they become the 800-pound gorilla like Disney, or they’re toast. In a couple of years, I think it’s going to boil down to only a few streamers. It’s going to be Netflix, Disney, Amazon, maybe Apple..., and the rest will be gone because consumers can’t pay for five or six streaming subscription services."

"I do a lot of mergers and acquisitions now because film companies are still getting sold and bought. And I do a lot of film financing, which is now really selling to the streamers. I have clients trying to form a new U.S. studio. I have companies that produce a lot, so I do all the development—putting together the partnerships, financing, everything."

"To some extent, even streamers are soon going to be dinosaurs because what’s going to happen is two things. One is virtual reality—in all its forms, not just the metaverse, but location based. All different kinds of virtual reality are going to replace streaming because it’s such a compelling experience if done right. The other thing is artificial intelligence. People are already creating short films with artificial intelligence. They can go all the way from writing the script, creating the music, creating choreography, creating the characters—from beginning to end. If you search “artificial intelligence films” on YouTube, you’ll see some amazing, amazing content. That’ll turn the industry upside down. That’s going to be the brave new world."