Cut the Rope dev challenges King's 'candy' trademark in EU

March 25, 2014Article

Last month, King abandoned its efforts in the U.S. to trademark the word. In January the company posted an open letter on its website explaining its attempt to trademark the word, stating it was doing so to prevent other developers from finding success cloning their game.

" currently has a trademark registration for 'candy' in the European Union that covers video games, video game services, and clothing such as t-shirts," reads the press statement from ZeptoLab. "To extend this monopoly, is using the registration in Europe as a basis to file trademark applications for 'candy' in numerous other countries.

"Although they withdrew their trademark application for 'candy' in the United States in February, registration in the EU remains active. If ZeptoLab's legal filing is successful, all applications for the registration of 'candy' based upon the European Union registration will be dissolved."

"Candy is an integral part of the Cut the Rope franchise," ZeptoLab CEO Misha Lyalin added. "And we do not support trademarking and preventing others from using it."

Speaking with Polygon, Jesse Saivar of Los Angeles entertainment law firm Greenberg Glusker said ZeptoLab's cancellation proceeding could be a publicity grab, but at its core is likely a claim against King for filing a mark on a description and not a product.

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