Did King.com really ‘trademark’ the word candy?

January 27, 2014

Jesse Saivar is a partner at the law firm Greenberg Glusker and chair of its intellectual property department.

Much of the independent video game world is up in arms regarding the recent news that giant U.K. mobile and web game developer King.com has “trademarked” the word “candy.” Many see this as an attempt by a Willy Wonka-esque behemoth to grab control of a common word in order to crush its smaller competitors like some piece of common confectionary.

While there may be some truth to that thought, as is often the case when legal issues get picked up by the blogosphere and even mass media, there are also many misperceptions clouding the debate. Because I feel that if I’m going to take a (short) break from playing Candy Crush Saga, I might as well write about it, I want to try to clear up some misconceptions.

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