DOJ asks judge to hold Avenatti in contempt for back taxes

July 6, 2018Media Mention
Los Angeles Daily Journal

Brian Davidoff was quoted by the Daily Journal on July 6, 2018, in an article about the Department of Justice seeking to hold Michael Avenatti in contempt of court for failing to pay back taxes stipulated in the dismissal of a Chapter 11 case involving Avenatti’s former law firm Eagen Avenatti LLP.

According to the article, as a debtor for the former law firm, Avenatti, despite making an initial payment of $1.28 million, missed the deadline for the first of two installments to repay the remaining $880,000 to the IRS.

Davidoff noted that while certain aspects of the filing seem to be the normal course, other aspects seemed overly aggressive.

“It appears that the request for sanctions is an aggressive move and is based solely on the fact that the payment called for by the stipulation, which was approved by the court, was not paid,” Davidoff said.