Helping Hollywood: Entertainment Lawyer Scores Wins for Talent

December 12, 2016Media Mention
Of Counsel

This past spring in suburban Boston, Elisabeth Moriarty sat across the table from a key witness, taking a deposition in a very important case for her and her firm’s client. The witness—a well-regarded, savvy, and sophisticated lawyer—has years of experience in strategically answering any and all questions thrown at him and usually comes out on top. But not this time. He couldn’t successfully dodge Moriarty’s line of inquiry.

“Liz got this longtime lawyer to admit a number of things that I’m not sure any another attorney would’ve been able to get from him,“ says Pierce O’Donnell, a partner at Los Angeles-based Greenberg Glusker and one of America’s most accomplished trial lawyers. O’Donnell led the trial team in the case on which his partner Moriarty was working with him. “Although I can’t go into details, when I read the transcript of the deposition I thought it was a brilliant deposition. Liz has a way getting witnesses to talk. She reads people very well and is good at getting people to do things she wants them to do.

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