It’s Always Time for Lunch Somewhere, But Employees May Waive Their Meal Breaks If They Wish!

April 26, 2018Article
Entertainment Human Resources Network

There is a lot of confusion around the hyper-technical employment laws California’s legislators seem to favor. Meal and rest breaks must be provided. They must be provided at certain times of the day, for a certain duration and without restriction. Interrupting a meal break before it is over is not allowed. Providing a meal instead of a duty-free meal break does not count.

For example, the ubiquitous lunch-n-learn does not satisfy the obligation to provide a meal break just because a meal is served. Rather, because the activity is usually mandatory, and participation is expected of employees, it is an on-duty and not a duty-free meal period. If, on the other hand, the activity is truly voluntary and the employee elects to participate, then the employer’s obligation is fulfilled.

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