Real or Counterfeit? How to Avoid Cannabis Product Impostors in LA

May 1, 2019Media Mention
NBC Los Angeles 4 News

Marijuana dispensaries across Southern California are selling counterfeit cannabis products that could be dangerous to use, an NBC4 I-Team investigation has found.

Ever since California enacted tough regulations last year that banned pesticides and heavy metals from cannabis products, the counterfeit market has been booming. But it's not always easy for customers to tell the real thing from a convincing illegal knock-off that could make users sick. Counterfeiters can buy packaging online for items like cannabis cartridges and fill them with cannabis oil that could be contaminated and lead to serious health problems.

So, the NBC4 I-Team did some shopping and found products with familiar names, like Stiiizy, Brass Knuckles and Heavy Hitter, that were actually fake. Some were in packages so convincing, even the people behind the original product had a tough time telling the difference.